A2-3 Butt Connectors
A4-5 Ring Terminals
A6-7 Quick Disconnects
A7 Bullets and Receptacles
A8 Spade Terminals
A9 Solder and Solder Terminals
A10-11 Specialty Terminals
A12 GM Weather Pack Connectors and Tools
A13GM Metri-Pack and Pack-Con Connectors
A14Deutsch DT Connectors
A15Scotchlok Connectors
A16Twist-on Wire Connectors
A16Cable Tie Installation Tool
A17Nylon Tie-Raps
A18Battery Terminals
A19Battery Accessories
B2-5 Miniature Bulbs and Halogen Capsules
B6 Sealed Beams
B7 Halogen Sealed Beams
B8 Blade Fuses
B9 Blade Fuse Holders
B10 Glass Fuses and Holders
B11Glass Fuse Accessories
B12Circuit Breakers
B15Automotive Pigtails
C2 Primary Wire (General Purpose Thermoplastic)
C3 Trailer Cable, Coiled Cable Assembly and Multi-Conductor Jacketed Boat Cable
C4 Jacketed Wire and Welding Cable
C5 Battery Cables, Straps, Assemblies and Battery Terminal Covers
C6 Ripcord (Parallel) Wire, Coaxial Cables, Commercial Coax Connectors and Speaker Wire
C7Split Loom, Expandable Flex Tubing, Power Cord
C8Heat Shrink Tubing, Fuel Line and Vapor Emission Hose, Windshield Washer and Vacuum Hose
C9Hose Clamps, Insulated Metal Clamps and Sleeved Clamps
C10Nylon Cable Clamps, Parallel Wire Clamps, Glue-On Clamps, Rubber Tie Downs, Spooled Mechanics Wire and Metal Frame Clips
D2-3 Cap Screws Grade 5 and 8
D4 Washers
D5 Nuts
D6 Nut and Bolt Assortments
D7 Metric Cap Screws, Nuts and Washers
D8-9 Plated Hitch Pin Clips and Bent Arm Pins
D10 Locking, Lynch, Roll and Cotter Pins
D11 Machine Screws
D12 Sheet Metal Screws
D13 Tek Screws
D14-15 Stainless Steel Fasteners and Screws
D16-17 Blind Rivets
D17 Thread Sert Assortment and Tool
D18 Grease Fittings, Rubber and Plastic Grommets
E2-3 Toggle Switches and Accessories
E5 Rocker and Push-Pull Switches
E6 Momentary Switches, Master Disconnect and Precision Ball Switches, Accessories
E7-8 Marine Starter and Ignition Starter Switches
E9 Replacement Keys, Solenoid Switches
E10 Junction Boxes, Terminal Blocks, Valves
E11 Electronic Brake Controls, 5704 Series Pendants, Trailer Harnesses, Molded Trailer Connectors Electronic Tailight Converter and Coiled Cable Assemblies without ends
E12 Trailer Adapaters, 7-Way RV OEM Style Kits and Socket, Accessories
E13 7-Way Blade Connectors, Heavy Duty Trucking Plugs, Sockets and Accessories
E14 6-Way & 4-Way Metal Connectors and Plugs, Sockets and Accessories
E15 Tarping 2-Pole Power Take Off Connectors, Single Pole Metal Connectors, Plugs and Sockets, Electrical Terms
E16 Back-Up Alarms
F2-3 LED Stop, Turn and Tail Lights
F3-4 LED Side Marker and Clearance Lights
F4 LED Back-up and Utility Lights
F5-6 Incandescent Stop, Turn and Tail Lights
F7-8 Incandescent Side Marker and Clearance Lights
F9 Incandescent Back-up, Utility and Tractor Implement Lights
F10 Incandescent License Plate Lights and Accessories
F11 Plugs and Pigtails
F11-12 Grommets
F12-13 Brackets and Mirrors
F13-14 Trailer Lighting and Accessories
F15-16 Emergency Lighting
G2 GM Connector Assortments
G3 Deutsch Connector and Insulated Connector Kits
G4 Shrink Tube and Shrink Tube Terminal Kits
G5 Fuse Kit and Copper Battery Lug Kit
G6-7 Brass Fitting Kit and Nylon Tie Assortments
G8-9 Nut and Bolt Assortments
G10-11 Screw Assortments
G12 Cotter Pin Kit, Hit Pin Kit, Insulated Metal Clamp Kit and Wire Caddy Assortment
G13 Plastic Grommet Kit, Rubber Grommet Kit and Solder Slug Kit
G14 Roll Pin Assortment, Hose Clamp Assortment and Magnectic Chuck Drive Kit
G15 Grease Fitting Kit, Vacuum Hose Connector Assortment, Aluminum Blind Rivet Assortment and Storage Systems
G16 Storage Systems
H2 Crimpers and Wire Strippers
H3 Circuit Testers, MBX Tools, Utility Knives and Blades, Masks and Gloves
H4-5 Mini Flap Discs, Surface Conditioning Discs, Bristle Discs, Roloc Discs and Disc Holders, Fiber Discs, Scotch-Brite Pads, Fabricut Rolls, Cloth Utility Rolls, Knotted and Crimped Wire End Brushes
H6-7 Flap Discs, Center Wheel, Flap Wheels, Wire Wheels, Scratch Brushes, Cut-Off Wheels, Grinding Wheels, Chop and Portable Saw Blades
H8-9 Hole Saw Blades and Kits, Arbors, Pilot Drills Hacksaw Frame and Blades, Vari Bits
H10-11 Jobber Length, Sheet Metal, Mechanics Length, Reduced Shank Drill Bits and Drill Bit Size Table
H12 Insert and Power Bits
H13 Alkaline Batteries, Rough Service Bulbs and Butane Torches
H14 Booster Cable Handles, Battery Charging Clips Protective Boots, Ignition Wire and Ends, Drop Lights and Accessories
J2-4 Dynatex Products
J5-6 3M Products
J7 Seymour Products
J8McKanica Products and Grote Chemicals
J9B’Laster Products, Noco and Deka
K2 Air Brake Nylon Tube Fittings, Push to Connect Air Brake Fittings
K3 Brass Pipe Fittings and Inverted Flares
K4 Standard Compression Fittings, 45° SAE Flare, Air Line Hose Barbs, Ground Key Shut-Off Cocks, Push on Fittings
K5Brass Fittings Chart
K6Hydraulic Grease Fitting Couplers, Quick Disconnect Couplers and Plugs
K7Air Couplers and Plugs Chart